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Features & Benefits

    High performance vinylester chemical mortar suitable for stud & rebar in wet or flooded holes and seismic conditions

  • SPIT©
  • Threaded Rods :  
  • Applicable for Threaded Rods
  • Rebar :  
  • Applicable for Rebar
  • Rebar As Anchor :  
  • Applicable for Rebar as Anchor
  • Multi Cone Stud :  
  • Applicable for Multi Cone Stud
  • Features :  
  • High performance multi application chemical mortar for cracked concrete and seismic conditions

    ETA approval option 1 for cracked and non cracked concrete and seismic C1 (M8 to M30) and seismic C2 (M12 to M20)

    Application technical document (DTA) for rebar in seismic application

    Enhanced productivity with easy flow and usability from -10°c to + 40°c

    Approved in dry, humid and flooded holes

    Reduced product waste thanks to rigid cartridge

    Visual mixing control through transparent nozzle

    18 months shelve life (used or unopened)

    Suitable for all drilling methods including diamond

    Odor free and no volatile organic compound ( rating A+)

    Fire approval

  • cracked & non -cracked concrete
  • Material :  
  • Vinylester (Epoxy Mortar)